Dr. Ebon's connections

First Impressions

Our groups first run

This was the first time our group convened. We had Mi: with a basic str sam, Na:tank, and Aa:assassin playing with Ca: as GM.
Part 1
We set up around an abandoned building behind a group of Mafiosi. Suprise was on our side. Aa: had difficulty taking anyone down despite his perfect sneaking. Na: dispatched methodically from cover. Mi: did insane roof jumping onto car slicing through roof and taking out the occupants of two sedans. Johnson was rescued and ready for delivery.
Part 2
Na: came up with an elaborate stratagem to thwart third parties in delivering Johnson to his detail. Aa: wore a hood along with Johnson as a decoy. That worked allowing Johnson to get safely delivered even if Aa: got a nasty head wound. Failed treatment attempts thankfully drew attention of Johnson’s medic who lended assistance.
Part 3
Cmb tbc
Part 4


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