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Your doctor's a ghoul

Side group

Aa:LAN with Ja:illusion2.0 and Ca:pharmacist went to rescue teammate Na:sniper. Na: had been scratched by a massive spider in the sewers last time leading him to be in a near coma state right before the next run started from delayed venom. Dr. Ebon found that it was beyond his scope because the disease was an awakened variety. He did however know of a person that would be able to handle it.
A ghoul is forced to use Astral perception to see due to visual blindness, therefore a doctor turned ghoul would be able to see what the mundane doctor could not. There was a catch.
Ghouls need to consume humans to survive. A ghoul is not likely to save a life he could be eating instead. That is where the team takes charge.
Because of the dislike that ghouls feel to awakened Ca and Ja provided support from the van letting Aa the decker do all the meatwork.
Ja levitate Na out for the work to be done while Ca :pharmacist used his signature blend. “Take this ring of enhanced manliness, it might help.”
Magically enhanced intimidation kept the hordes at bay and the doc working on the subject. The surgery went through but at the moment the door opened a little twist occured.
Upon glimpsing the mages the horde swarmed in attempt to get a juicy mage. Distracting illusions by Ja and combat enhancement by Ca saw the team into the road master and off to safety.
We never informed Na of this experience because of his prejudice against critters, but our secret is safe because he won’t read this, I hope…


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