Dr. Ebon



Doctor who is good at what he does along with everything else. His balding appearance may convey age setting in, but his massive ¥ from his big break have given him the best delta ware on the market. He is smart beyond anyone else. He also suffers extreme paranoia.


He started out as a Corp doctor but ended up liberated at the end of a botched extraction. He pilfered the fallen runners and decided to tske up the trade. Skilled in many areas, more than a doctor should be. His sneaking, shooting, and tech expertise combined with a copious amount of luck led to him getting the large haul.
Since the haul he has settled down gradually stopping his running habits changing into the ultra paranoid street doc he is. His reputation is excellent and his network in the shadow community almost could qualify him as a fixer.
He has been running some side projects that have attracted some interest from thwarted parties.

Dr. Ebon

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