Aa's Decker


Weapons include 1 gun, wolverine claws, and shock gloves. Transportation is a motorbike(Suzuki) and a tank(Ares Roadmaster). With skills and a deck to match, he can also sneak, slap, and shoot.


Lugger of Awesome Nothingness. A decker since birth, he traveled the vast reaches of the Matrix, digging deeper and deeper each time. When the Aztechnology took his father, the only known family, he decided with a flash of steel that he would end the corps. His style, however, would not involve death of innocents. Driving into Seattle with a deck, Suzuki, and some electric gloves, he entered the shadows. He cut off from the normal team when the Renraku entered the scene, calling up new contacts for reference. Can show up for the team with call from the right person.


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