Aa's Alchemist


Alchemist with lightning sticks, healing rings, ninja headbands, and chaos frisbees.


Growing up in the school of hard fireballs, he was sighted as Awakened since birth. Srocor’s only family was the children in the orphanage he want to, he knew no blood relatives. That is, until his long lost brother LAN showed at the scene. LAN had merely been driving around Canada, shaking off the Renraku a bit, when he saw the orphanage. Srocor was delighted to see his older brother, but the old man who run the orphanage had to make it a scene. It ended with LAN burnt badly, and the old man out cold from a shock glove slap. Srocor healed LAN, and LAN showed him the basics of the shadows, along with where to start. Srocor was introduced to Seattle, knowing that his only family was on the run, or presumed dead.


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